Thursday, October 31, 2013


 Although while growing up,i was taught to avoid water touching my hair except on wash days. that water was not good for my hairstyles and making my hair to last longer while in cornrows or braids, that water was the enemy!!!. Now that i know better, mineral oil and petroleum based products are our hair's real enemy.

Keeping our hair moisturized is one of the biggest challenges when on a healthy hair journey, as hydrated hair will experience less breakage.

   we can try keeping our hair moisturized by some of these methods:
Finish every wash with a cold rinse, washing our hair with warm water helps to remove dirts and products build up, it also increases the hair porosity i.e the cuticles open up so that all the good stuff from your shampoo and conditioner are easily absorbed.                        Rinsing hair with  cold water at the end of washing process will help to flatten the cuticle and lock in moisture.

  • Always try to apply moisturizers to your hair before you applying natural oils and shea butter.                                          oil is not a moisturizer, oil and water don't mix hence when  used, oil  should be applied last so as to help hair retain moisture and natural oils and shea butter are excellent in locking in moisture.

spritz hair twice a day, this helps it hydrated.
  • Drink lots of water; a lot of hydration operates from the inside of our bodies.
  • sleep with satin bonnet at night or use satin pillow case, because cotton absorbs the moisture from your hair a lot more than satin does and it is also more smoother than cotton  so making your hair less vulnerable to breakage.

  • Also try wearing protective hairstyle when the weather is harsh. when its very hot or windy hair tends to dry out quickly.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I feel that there is no need to spend tons of money on some simple things you can easily make on your own, just like the aloe vera leave-in conditioner which of course is all natural and very healthy for your hair. the best part about making this conditioner is you only need three ingredients. 

With a pH range of 4.5, the acidity of aloe vera is what works for our advantage. it adds to closing the hair cuticle. this causes our hair to be smoother, minimizes fizz and gives our hair strands more definition and shine. 

pure aloe vera is light enough to keep hair moisturized without feeling greasy or weighed down. it also gives hair control without making it stiff and crunchy.
  Aloe vera gel leave-in conditioner.
4oz water
4oz aloe vera gel
10 drops of essential oil(pick any of your favorite!)

Add water and aloe vera gel into a small bowl and stir very well with spoon. pour the mixture into a spray bottle and shake well. add your favorite essential oil and shake well and voila you have your own leave-in conditioner.
use daily or as often as needed to restore softness.


  • gives hair moisture
  • detangles
  • defines curly hair
  • reduces itchy scalp
  • tames oily hair
  • balances pH level of hair 

Monday, October 28, 2013


  • Pre-shampoo- this is basically applying a conditioning/treatment to the hair prior to shampooing/washing so as to help add moisture the the follicles.                                   i did mine by applying the hot oil treatment using extra virgin olive oil and grapeseed oil, the night before washing my hair.
shed hair after taking down my braid extensions.

  • washing: i first saturated my hair with diluted apple cider vinegar to help remove product buildup from wearing braids for almost 5 weeks.
i shampooed all my hair without putting them in sections since my hair is not even ear length or shoulder length to put into sections.

  • i towel dabbed the excess water before applying my homemade mayo/egg/honey deep conditioner.

i finger detangled before using wide tooth comb to complete the detangling, i made sure not to over comb,then covered it with a plastic bag and let it sit for about 2 hours.
  • rinsed: i rinsed with cold water and also rinsed with black tea. and i let it air dry.
  • results:my hair was clean and happily fresh and wash and there was less breakage than what i normally experience. the detangling process was my least favorite as my back hurts so bad from bending over and trying to run my fingers through my hair.

It took over 5 hours to complete the whole process, i can imagine what people with longer hair have to go through each wash day, because i was really exhausted from washing my very short ear length hair.

i pray and hope all my hard work will pay off.

Friday, October 25, 2013


Since am trying to transition from relaxed to natural, i tend to mostly wear my hair in protective styles . am currently wearing box braids and i think it time to take then out, and knowing the time and energy i have put into caring for them, i really wanted to be careful when taking taking the extensions down so as to avoid damage or unnecessary breakage. and here are some important tips i found which i think can be very helpful.

NOTE; if your goal is to grow longer healthy hair, then never leave your braids extensions in your hair longer than 10 weeks.

 if you mess up your extension removal process all your hair growth and handwork will be in vain.
  Before you begin taking down your braids, realize that every average person sheds between 70-100 hairs a day. so when removing braids which has been in for weeks without manipulation your hair must experience some shedding.this shedding is natural, this is the hair that would have come-out on a daily basis if the hair was not braided.
Before you start your braid extension removal process, try having the following;
rat tail comb

well manicured fingernails free of snags and chips

 and you will also need plenty of time and patience!!!!!!!!!!!

_be sure your fingernails are well filed and oiled,because your finger will be doing most of the work when removing your braid extensions. if you have snags or chipped nails in your fingernails this will break your hair.

_if your hair is short and you are absolutely sure where your own hair stops in the braids, then you can go ahead and cut your braids few inches below where you know your natural hair stops. this will definitely save you several hours and lots of energy. if you are not sure where your own hair stops at the braid extensions then you can use the rat tail comb to unravel your braids or twist.

_if you find that your own hair has matted or stuck to the extension, then apply some oil to the hair as you are unravelling the braids. when you come across a snag or knot do not tug or force it, stop and apply some conditioner to the knot then continue to slowly unravel the braid carefully.

_once you have removed all your extensions form your hair, apply a generous amount of conditioner to soak into your hair. use fingers to untangle your hair and remove all knots or tangle from each section of the hair. many times you will feel a knot where the hair extension was attached and will also feel the accumulation of dust and lint. you want to unravel this gently because this is where most of us become impatient and loose most of our hair.

_when you are finished with the de-tangling process you can then use a wide tooth comb and comb through the entire hair.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


 The belief is that if you use the greenhouse effect, your scalp will thrive because it is moist, if you have healthy and happy scalp, your hair will grow as well. i even read that it can double and triple hair growth.
   some benefits:

  • hair growth
  • naturally softening the hair
  • moisturised hair has more definition
  • it is easier to seal in the moisture                                                   

    At bedtimes, apply some oils on the length of your hair this step is optional if your hair is already oiled.
    pull your hair/braids to a loose bun, ponytail or your chosen style.warp your hair in a plastic or shower cap, you can use a scarf to tight it just to ensure enough warmth as possible. you can leave the hair covered for as long as possible if possibly overnight.
    when you remove the plastic/shower cap you should be able to  notice some tiny water bubbles and those tiny bubbles is called the greenhouse effect. after removing the plastic/shower cap, your hair should be damp,allow to dry natural.
    moisturise and seal your hair with oils and style as desired.

Monday, October 21, 2013


There is absolutely nothing wrong with being relaxed, whether you are natural or relaxed your main goal is to always have healthy hair,but i decided to go natural because my hair was seriously damaged after prolong use of chemicals and harsh weather conditions made it worst. 
 there are two ways that you can go from relaxed to natural hair , the first thing you have to do is STOP relaxing your hair, that means no touching up even the edges of your hair to get them laid flat.
BIG CHOP- if you want the fastest transition, then you may opt for the big chop, instead of getting your next relaxer,you have to simply be asking your stylist to cut it all off.

2. LONG TERM TRANSITION- sine am not bold and comfortable enough to wear the bald look, i decided to transition slowly before cutting my relaxed ends off, its also a good way for people who want to retain length. the one thing that am still learning about long term transitioning is patience, for my to grow out to a comfortable length.                                                                                                                            these are the only two ways because no product can ever make a relaxed hair comeback to its natural state , or will wash way relaxer from your hair.

perhaps the most difficult part of transitioning from relaxed to natural is dealing with the new growth. the two different textures can get very frustrating to style and manage if you don't know how to properly care for it.since an so new to the whole going natural i tend to wear my hair in protective styles that help blend the two different textures. but i have found some ways to soften my new growth: 
i always use home made conditioners because they tend to soften the new growths and it also restores moisture , and also use natural oil which penetrates the hair shaft thereby increasing hair moisture, it also softens new growth.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


black hair it strongest of all hair types.                  after reading so many reviews on the internet i found that the black hair is not stronger than every other hair type, black hair texture is actually the most fragile compared to other hair types. 
African hair is more prone to breakage in its natural and relaxed state if it lacks moisture. that is why it is very important to deep condition and apply treatment with natural oils such as coconut oil,olive oil like wide- tooth comb and soft brushes can help prevent hair breakage.

African hair cant grow very long like other races.
i think am most guilty of this myth for a very long time, however on the average the African hair grows half an inch every month. the natural curl of our hair and shrinkage can make our hair look much shorter than it really is. However, our hair is very sensitive and must be cared for to reach optimal length.

Relaxers make our hairs grow.
our type of hair only appears to be longer when it is relaxed, but the chemicals in the relaxer do not promote hair growth,it simply break down our natural growth by eliminating the curls and straightening it to its full length. hair growth can only be promoted by healthy habits and caring for our natural hair. 

Natural hair is healthier than relaxed hair.
this is definitely not true, the health of your hair depends on how well you care for your hair. some people then to believe that natural hair is better than relaxed hair,this is not true staying natural or being relaxed is all matter of choice. the main focus is having good hair care routine and use the right products and treatment.  relaxed hair can be just as healthy as natural.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


the use of of hot oil has a conditioning effect on the hair and scalp, this is good especially for people who have extreme dry hair. hot oil treatment can help to restore the hair to its best possible condition.  its also very good for dry damaged hair, if your have relaxed hair the hot oil treatment will infuse moisture and strength to the hair shaft,  because it enter the very core of the hair helping to heal the damage and split ends.
The hot oil treatment adds volume to your hair and reduces dandruff and can be eliminated with continuous use. the scalp just loves it, when it absorbs all the deliciousness and goodness from you using natural oils, the scalp then is quite happy to produce more healthy hair , it  rewards you for being so kind and caring to it.

The hot oil treatment  can be done twice or more times every week. it is advised to do the the hot oil treatment before you shampoo your hair, apply hot oils to hair and let it sit on the hair for a while or better done over night to reap more of the benefits.

Hot oil treatment is very easy to do at home my mixing up essentials and carrier oils.
here are some examples of carrier oil,
olive oil- it conditions hair and improves elasticity
Jojoba oil- its best for oily hair, it is almost like  the natural oil our skin  and scalp produce. it leaves the hair soft and light without weighing it down.
Avocado oil- it is the most moisturising oil great for dry and frizzy hair.
Almond oil- it relives dry scalp, stimulates follicles and slows premature hair loss.
Coconut oil- it adds shine and softens your hair, its great for all hair types, also helps treat dandruff.
Castor oil- it helps strength hair, perfect for hair that breaks easily. great to use in treating the thinning of edges, but because it is a little bit thicker than other oils its always best to mix it with another oil of a lighter consistency.
Grape seed oil- adds shine to hair and promotes hair growth.

Here are also some example of essential oil:
Rosemary oil- helps relive irritating scalp, stimulates hair follicles and help prevent hair loss
peppermint oil-stimulates hair follicle and hair growth
Lavender oil- contains potent anti- bacteria that soothes and heal scalp infections, useful in treating dandruff, and adds volume to the hair shaft.
Eucalyptus oil- an antiseptic which helps to get rid of dandruff, it stimulates blood circulation in the scalp.
Tea tree oil- its has antibacterials that is a highly effective solvent for sebum and other dirt or oil build-up in the scalp.
 so sorry about boring you with this long list of this anti bacterial and follicle and stimulating talk, lets go back to how to actually  perform this holy grail.
The amount of oil you need will be determined by the thickness and texture of your hair , just make sure you try and apply the oil to your entire hair shaft.
    there are different ways to prepare the hot oil treatment, it can be done by mixing different types of oils that you prefer but always use drops when using essential oil because too much can cause serve irritation.
placed all your mixed oil in a microwaveable container and put in a micro wave till mixture is well heated up. if it too hot to handle, wait until its comfortable enough for your fingers to dip into the mixture and you can apply it to your hair with ease. cover hair with plastic cap you can it have more effect. another ways is by placing your   mixture oil into a bowl of hot water to warm them up.
you can also rub the clod mixture all over your hair and then wear a shower cap and sit under the dryer to warm them up.
 best of  luck  while trying this very important step of growing longer and healthier hair!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013



  1. use natural oils such as jojoba, avocado, coconut, extra virgin oil, grape-seed oil and Shea butter. our hair type needs natural oils to thrive and they work best.
  2. wash hair with shampoo at least once a month, some people say at least once a week at the end of the day i say do what ever works for you because you alone know how well your hair responds. but its always best to avoid shampoos that have sulphate in them cause they strip our hair of its natural oil and this causes dryness,after wash always use a conditioner.
  3. always do a protein treatment/ deep condition with heat at least once month better still every 2 weeks.this enables the cuticles to open up and thereby allowing the moisture to break into the hair shaft.
  4.  use a wide tooth comb, this helps combing hair easier and this limits breakage, but you should always  use your fingers to detangle the knots on hair which forms after taking down braids or weaves. this really plays a strong part in retaining length.
  5. Avoid holding hair in tight pony tails its very bad for your edges it causes thinning of the edges and take down ponytail holders before bedtime
  6. avoid using too much heat on your hair, flat irons , blow drying or hot tongs
  7. oil the scalp and massage  to allow blood flow this stimulates growth.
  8. use satin/silk head cover at night and avoid cotton pillow cases because the strip our hair of moisture/
  9. drink plenty water, exercise and eat healthy to promote growth and healthy hair  

  1. wash your hair everyday, this make your hair texture brittle and dry, hence prone to breakage.
  2. never use grease or petroleum based products, they clog the pores in the scalp thereby inhibiting hair growth. 
  3. use rubber bands to secure ponytails use elastics or bands covered. rubber bands can cause massive breakage and split ends. elastics and covered bands are more gentle to fragile hair strands 
  4. braid hair too tightly, or braid tight cornrows this causes hair line to recede: means balding or thinning of the edges.
  5. comb hair from root to end, instead grip the hair root and comb out this will prevent unnecessary hair loss.
  6. excessively place hair under heat. heat dries out hair leaving it brittle and dry which equals to damaged hair.
  7. use heavy gel with alcohol, hair spray or mousse, they weigh the hair down, break the hair and most importantly clog the scalp pores. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

top natural products for more healthy hair

SHEA BUTTER-high in fatty acids, Shea butter is an emollient:meaning it provides a layer of oil on top of the surface of a hair strand, thereby significantly reducing the amount of moisture(water) lost.
COCONUT OIL- coconut oil provides both shine and strength to hair. it can also be used as a leave-in conditioner for thicker textured  hair.

ALOE VERA -it can be used to promote hair growth, stop hair loss and treat scalp problems.some of the easiest way to use aloe Vera is to mix some of the gels into your shampoo or conditioner.
you can also apply aloe vera gel directly into your scalp and gently massage it in before rinsing it off. you should notice an improvement in the condition of your scalp and hair in about two or three months. make sure you leave it in for at least 2 hours before rinsing or washing your hair. this treatment also works to promote hair growth since aloe Vera contains an enzyme that stimulates hair follicles.
 AVOCADO/AVOCADO OIL-many natural hair products use avocado since its packed with vitamins A,D,E and contains potassium, which is absorbed into the skin, avocado oil is a quick way to get multiple nutrients onto your scalp for improved hair growth.
 CASTOR OIL-not only is this vegetable oil a humenctant meaning it promotes the retention of moisture on the hair,it also has anti-fungal properties. this ensures clean scalp with the hair follicles clear for better hair growth. it can also be applied to the temples to increase increase the thickness of thinning edges

 EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL-it seals and softens the hair, its easily absorbed into the scalp thereby promoting hair growth

HONEY-is a light humectant, it has the ability to keep hair moist and also has antibacterial properties.
WATER-contrary to what most Africans believe our hair need moisture at all times.the African hair loves water and cant get enough of it and also loves natural oils.moisturising comes from using a water based product which is applied into the hair and its a great way of keeping dryness at bay in between washing.


bananas, olive oil, egg and honey.
This home-made conditioner improves the manageability of hair for styling. the secret is in the banana, which has a way of minimizing shrinkage and softening the hair when mixed with the other ingredients.meanwhile honey helps retain moisture on the hair and olive oil penetrates the hair and the egg is a very rich source of protein to the hair.

instructions: place the sliced banana(always better to use overripe bananas ,extra virgin oil,egg,honey all in a bowl or better still a blender to make sure no lumps of the banana bit is remaining. blend until you see a very smooth consistence. then apply thoroughly to the hair and let it sit for 30-45 minutes wearing a shower cap or under a sit under a dryer to let the heat penetrate deep into your roots. then rinse thoroughly
 with cold water because cold water closed the cuticle of your hair and helps your hair to retain moisture.

Avocados,Shea butter, coconut milk,olive oil
this conditioner is lubricating, thick and has heavy consistency  the avocados flesh and fatty acid content contribute to the effectiveness  of this mixture. 

place sliced avocado unrefined Shea butter, extra virgin oil coconut milk into a blender( there may be no need to melt the Shea butter when using a blender but you should melt when mixing into a bowl) blend or mix all the ingredients thoroughly and you may add more coconut oil or milk if necessary until it reach a consistency you can work with. when done apply to the hair and let it sit for 30-45 minutes wearing a shower cap, then rinse out very well with cold water.

mayonnaise, honey, egg and olive oil
mayonnaise makes a good product for our hair because it contains a lot of protein and fat. put all the ingredients and mix very well till you have smooth mixture then apply to hair, leave-in for about 30-45 minutes under a shower cap or sit under the dryer. rinse out with cold water. 
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