Saturday, November 9, 2013


  1. Go easy on the use of heat.                                                             if your hair is beginning to have plenty new growth, minimise the amount of heat you apply to your hair. heat can permanently damage the natural curl of your hair. if you use a lot of heat while transitioning to merge the natural hair with the relaxed hair, you may find that your natural hair is more difficult to manage and in addition it may end up been heat damaged( regular repeated/high heat use can lead to dry and breaking hair)

2. Detangling : take your time detangling your hair, it is a skill that is learned overtime. it is very easy to comb hair that is well relaxed or hair that the curls have been loosened.
natural hair is totally different, another tip that really helps is adding oil to for more slip and add more conditioner if it is not slippery enough when combing.

3. Be very careful with the demarcation line
     this is very crucial if you are planning on long transition, the region where the natural hair meets the relaxed hair should be your top priority. ensure that it is well conditioned and be careful when detangling or combing.

4. Accessories
      This is the best time to start accumulating  your styling arsenals. simple things like scarf  head bands, pins and flowers will really help during transitioning and early years of natural hair.
Hair pins and flowers can be useful for both helping to control hair as well as saving you from a bad hair day.


  1. Yet another informative and highly needed hair therapy post...:)

  2. Yes , I'm agree with all this advises ! It is really true !

  3. Great tips :)

    Mo ~

  4. I am currently transitioning, and I would like to say a very big thank you to you for the tips! Btw, I have nominated you for the liebster award - Please check out my blog, sis

  5. Great tips! I followed a lot of these when I myself was transitioning!

  6. I had my last touch up in June, thinking of transitioning but am still thinking sha!..............

    1. you must not go natural, i decided because my hair was badly damaged by relaxer and other conditions, you can have very healthy relaxed hair.

    2. My hair is not damaged, it is full but not growing as long as I want. I want to crop everything self! Tired of hair wahala


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